June - December 2017: Guitarist with Weekend Sun

In May 2011, Paul joined the original Jazz Funk outfit The Danny Allan Band, and was the guitarist until Feb 2015.

Between May 2012 and Dec 2016, Paul played acoustic guitar with Ceilidh band Blind Panic.

Paul also manages the Forum Music School based at the Forum in Darlington and also teaches guitar and bass privately.  In between all this he is still recording original material and helping his friends realise their song writing and performing aspirations.

Paul Cantillon started his professional music career in 1989, providing guitar-based music for a contemporary dance called “Human Scandals” by the legendary Phoenix Dance Company. Two years later he was commissioned for another contemporary dance “Age” as part of Zimbabwe’s celebration for the annual meeting of the commonwealth heads of state which was performed before Her Majesty, The Queen, Elizabeth II.

During the rest of the 90’s he not only produced many scores for theatre productions working with Durham Theatre Company (including “The Tempest in The Park” and “A Midsummer Nights Dream”), he also wrote and performed as guitarist for north east rock / pop band Rhythm Street. Riding the very first wave of online artists at the end of the 20th Century, Rhythm Street gained a number of chart hits, culminating in February 2001 with a Number 1 with their song Mary Lou featuring the incredible Tom Fox on Vocals.

The next few years were spent engineering and recording his own solo material. Using the name 2HK, he remixed and re-interpreted NuJazz tracks for London based label Further Out, most notably “Do You Love Me 2(HK)?” which received world-wide airplay on independent radio with its wild santana-esque guitar solo and bossa nova beats.

In the summer of 2006, he returned to writing for dance as composer for the Great North Run’s 2006 Cultural Programme working under the direction of internationally renowned choreographer Neville Campbell.

Other Info


Interest may not be the right word, but cycling is his favoured mode of transport.

"It's cheap, keeps me fit, keeps me happy and is also kinder to the environment.  If I don't cycle regularly, I find I miss those endorphins rushing round my blood stream & into my brain."

He rides a Trek bike and protects himself from the weather by wearing mostly Endura waterproof clothing.  When replacing the Waterproofing on his apparel, he heartily recommends Salshield DWR (DWR stands for Durable Water Repellent). When in need of maintenance and advice, the bike is taken to the amazingly helpful and knowledgeable Cycleways in Newton Aycliffe.


 Paul Cantillon
Far from thinking he's a professional that knows what he's doing, he uses the "law of averages" approach to getting a result.  One night, he took over 600 photos at a gig, admitting, "only about 200 were any good and of those, only about 5 were interesting, but it's not like I was wasting film". He has in the past used a compact Olympus C-220 Zoom (with a lowly 2 megapixel rating, but it died in 2007), moving to a 7.1 mp Canon Powershot A620.  The quality of the images he got from that camera were so good, he decided to upgrade (mainly for a better zoom) to a Cannon Powershot S5iS 8mp which he used in earnest at the Glastonbury & Big Chill Festivals in 2008.  If you would like to see some of the photos, please use  Facebook.

Designing T-Shirts

When he was watching Live 8, one of the people on stage had a tee shirt with a black, yellow and green Union Jack on it.  Thinking he might like one, he was surprised to learn there wasn't one for sale anywhere.  So, he designed one himself and uploaded it to  Thinking he may as well upload the traditional one, he started designing other tees; flags of Great Britain, Symbols, Musical notes, slogans etc. and he admits to being a bit addicted - "it's just for fun, really - rather than profit... a statement that pretty much sums up my attitude to life".