Guitar and Bass Tuition

I have been teaching guitar and bass since 2008 at the Forum Music Centre in Darlington. I provide a complete range of tuition, tailor made to the individual's preferred style.

Additionally, I run the Forum Music School providing group tuition on drums and guitar.

Learners range from complete beginners right up to semi professional adults.

A complete range of tuition, following a structured and graded progression

I like to do things differently ... but for the better! When I first started in 2008, it was with a simple premise: that I should aim to provide the best learning experience for the individual - suited to their own aims - wether it was to gain UCAS points for University (a Grade 8 can earn up to 75) or for the learner to play for personal pleasure. A major part of playing an instrument is the fun you can have playing - and this can be demonstrated most effectively by performing in a totally live setting which is why, every year, my students get that opportunity.

Live Experience

I have perfromed in many styles of band [Continue Reading]

The Friends of the Forum Musical Menagerie

FOTF Menagerie

If anyone can remember the struggle that the Forum Music Centre had a few years back then they may understand that the Friends of The Forum was set up to help make The Forum sustainable. 

As a member of the FOTF, I run an annual event showcasing the talents of any student that uses the facility (not just my own or those of the FMS).  This is an invaluable experience for any individual and often jump starts a persons imagination to think about playing live. 

Many of my students have since gone on to form bands and successfully play in their own right.

What to Do Next

telephoneFind out more about what I can do to help you today.  To contact me, Paul Cantillon, simply call on Mobile or email  now.