All of these resources are free for your enjoyment and provide just a small part of my Guitar lessons @ the Forum in Darlington.

Guitar Essentials - a few essential items that you simply need when playing guitar

Fret Board - Do yourself a favour and learn the fretboard

Scales - A few scales to practice - the only way you can learn how to solo over anything.

Chords - A list of chords and their spellings.  Has a section of chords that go well together ( Chords In Key).

Arpeggios - An introduction to the often overlooked technique of embellishing lead lines

Exercises - A few ways to loosen up those fingers and build strength and stamina

Books - essential learning materials

If you would like to discuss one to one guitar or bass tuition and are within reach of Darlington or Aycliffe in the UK, use the feedback form or call/text: