by Paul Cantillon

Artist CD Title Year Description
plankton moon
Fluffy Planet Earth
On HoldA truly eclectic CD, currently being recorded, with free flowing, beautiful acoustic guitar tracks next to punchy, guitar based rock using strange time signatures and keyboards. Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Drum Programming by Paul Cantillon.
Big Guitar
200710 Tracks featuring Paul's guitar playing throughout. Electronic based groove with a Pop/Nu Jazz feel. Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Drum Programming by Paul Cantillon. Snippets are available on soundcloud.
nEuro Trancemission
2002Over an hour of seamless Beatmixed Dance interspersed with ambient breaks which, according to some highly qualified sources, is great for the come down after a big night out.
Rhythm Street
Unsung Songs
1991-20015 Piece Live Rock/Pop Band - includes the Britpop #1 Mary Lou on which we were delighted (and very lucky) to have vocals by Tom Fox.
Dance & Theatre
Hear selections recorded for the Phoenix Dance Company and Durham Theatre Company 1991-1995 and the 2006 Great North Run production "Down To Zero".
Tom Fox
Midnight Rain
 Brilliant soul / funk / urban CD produced by the vocal master mind of Tom Fox.  Although Paul Cantillon does not feature on this CD, Tom recorded the vocals for Rhythm Street's Mary Lou in 2000 which went on to reach #1 in's Britpop chart early in 2001. If any one knows Tom's whereabouts, then please ask him to contact me here.