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Thanks for visiting my site, I am a Guitar and Bass tutor operating in the Forum Music Studios in Darlington, UK

Do Things Differently

I like to do things differently ... but for the better! When I first started in 2008, I started with a simple premise: that I should aim to provide the best learning experience for the individual - suited to their own aims

Not everyone wants to sit an exam, not every one wants to play the same songs, not every one wants to sit the same kind of exam.

Have Fun

Whether it is to gain UCAS points for University (a Grade 8 can earn up to 35) or just to play for personal pleasure. A major part of playing an instrument is to have fun

Play Live

Having fun with your instrument can be demonstrated most effectively by performing in a totally live setting - every year my students get that opportunity thanks to my partnership with the Forum Music Studios.

The Menagerie

As well as teaching individuals, I also manage the Forum Music School (FMS) based at the Forum Music Studios in Darlington, UK. The FMS runs lessons for Guitar and also Drums & Piano. It is through my close working relationship with the Forum that I run the annual Music show that is known as The Menagerie.